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Blessings, Healing Modalities, Services & Products

Facials- Relax & enjoy this rejuvenating facial. Discover a glowing, radiant and instantly transformed complexion. 

Light-Relaxing Energy Work & Crystal Energy Healing - Experience this amazing life changing blessing, healing experience. 

"Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease. Proponents of this technique believe that crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out."

Chakra Balancing- Chakras are the energy sensors in your body that absorb and emit energy. There are 7 main chakras, if they are our of balance, it can cause many different issues. "Each of the seven main chakras are connected to specific organs, glands and body systems and each chakra is connected to a color vibration frequency. These energy centers are coded with information that can be in the form of a color vibration, ultra-violet ray, radio. Our chakras radiate energy vibrations as well as receive the energy of our environment, including the people we are in contact with. feel and the way you interact with others. It’s important to keep them in balance."

Etheric Cord Cuttings - A cord-cutting cuts the cords to strongholds, emotional & physical attachments. Releasing & letting go of negative strongholds or attachments to others that may be weighing you down. These attachments

Cap Removal- Feeling tired, down, sluggish? A Cap Removal is a healing modality that releases the cap from your crown that is holding on to negativity; blocking light and connection with source.

DNA ACTIVATIONS- Awakening your body, soul & Spirit. Bringing in light to your codons & activating your spiritual and physical DNA through your 12 dimensions of spirit.

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils - are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties. Using essential oils for healing purposes is often called aromatherapy, which is a holistic treatment seeking to improve physical, mental and emotional health.

Just adding some of the most common essential oils like lavender, frankincense, lemon, peppermint and tea tree oil to your natural medicine cabinet may:

  • Fight cold and flu symptoms

  • Relax your body and soothe sore muscles

  • Heal skin conditions

  • Alleviate pain

  • Balance hormones

  • Improve digestion

  • Reduce cellulite and wrinkles

  • Clean your home (

Reiki Master Teacher-

Hands on healing with Reiki-

Reiki is a Univeral Life Energy.

Life Force Energy.

House Blessing & Space Clearing

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