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Lynn Wilson  recommends Cool Vibes

March 9 at 6:46 AM · 

What an absolutely amazing experience! From the moment you walk in you get a sense of peace and relaxation. Kris has a very soothing, healing touch.My soul feels renewed and invigorated. Go see Kris! You'll feel awesome!!!

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Jeremy Wall  recommends Cool Vibes

January 15 · 

kris is absolutely amazing!!!! I have never had such a relaxing spirit awakening experience. I recommend these services to any one and everyone who wants and promotes wellness in their families and own lives!!!

Brandi Solano  recommends Cool Vibes.

January 7 

Very kind and welcoming setting, what a wonderful and healing experience!!! After only one session, I felt a thousand times better, my soul felt renewed! Talk about an AMAZING experience...

Jennifer Hulin  recommends Cool Vibes

January 24 

Feeling amazing after my Crystal Healing/Reiki session yesterday. Thank you Kris! 

Sunny Heimbichner Cobb‎ 

to Cool Vibes

November 28, 2018

On Friday I went to Cool Vibes and received, Cord-Cutting, DNA Activation, Cap Removal, Crystal Healing, Essential oils, Energy Healing including Reiki & Chakra Balancing and was impressed with Kris Sanchez Klosterman knowledge. I've been dealing with alot of hurt and depression due to family issues and decided to give this a try.
The healing room was relaxing with candles and a waterfall. I felt like I was safe.
Matter a fact I ended up getting into such a deep meditative state during the Crystal/Energy healing that I felt removed from my body and into a heavenly realm of healing.
That NEVER happens to me as I have trust issues with people due to childhood trauma but Kris gently led me to that place with her strong healing vibrations.
Since my session I've drank alot of water as suggested to clear my body and spirit and am feeling so much better than I did before my session. Something magical happened during my healing. I'm now dealing with some tough family issues with a positive outlook. I would recommend getting a session done to anyone I know and will be going back for more as well as bringing both of my kids. Thank you Cool Vibes! You're definitely a blessing.

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